We have been enjoying spectacular fall foliage these past few weeks here in the Catskills. The hills around Lew Beach have been afire with blazing reds, brilliant oranges and bright yellows, set against a backdrop of dark evergreens and bright October blue skies...its been a few years since the colors have been so vibrant!

Streams continue to be at a very low flow; however cool evenings and a bit of frosty weather has kept water temperatures very favorable for the trout. When the free-flowing rivers are so low, fish are stressed - best to switch to the tailwater fisheries of the East and West Branches of the Delaware, or the Neversink. Caddis flies, blue-winged olives and Isonychias will still be about, especially in the afternoons. Make each cast count - in low water, you won't get many chances to correct your cast once your fly is on the water without spooking the fish!