September 5, 2017


After a slow period of no flyfishing action, the fishing has picked up… fact, for the past week or so, the fishing has been great on the Beaverkill and Willowemoc.  Ed had two or three dry days where nothing was going on, but when he arrived on the stream this afternoon he found that fish were rising. He caught a couple, and then trout started rising “like crazy” ….. he felt he should have been catching more, as the trout seemed to be zeroed in on something other than what he was using (a size #16 Adams). Ed looked more closely at the water and could see a tiny ant or two, and then decided to keep a fish to determine exactly what the trout were taking, especially under these conditions. He kept a 14-inch brown trout and examined the contents  of its stomach - and as you can see in the photo, it was chock-full of flying ants! Interestingly, the ants ranged from size #14 down to size #22, the majority of which were two sizes, #14s and #20s; and while there were some amber-colored, most all were black….it pays to keep ant imitations in these small sizes in your fly box, for as many times as this has happened (during late August/September) it’s an occurrence we tend to forget about, as it’s not a fly that we see at any other time of the year - but be sure that now since it has been recorded, next year we’ll be anticipating the event!