We are in need of rain – our rivers and streams are lower than normal for this time of year. The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at just 68 cubic feet per second on Thursday morning, September 24. The average flow for this date is 123 cfs based on 102 years of record-keeping. The highest flow recorded on this date was 2260 cfs in 2003; however, the lowest recorded flow, back in 1964, was difficult to believe – just 24 cubic feet per second trickled past the gauging station!

The East Branch Delaware River is also low, measuring a cfs of 148; the average flow on this date over 60 years of record is 369 cfs.

Many fly fishers had been heading over to the West Branch Delaware; however the city of NY is pouring water down the river; it was recorded as flowing at 1420 cubic feet per second, with the average flow on this date being just 545 cfs over 51 years of record-keeping.

The main Delaware at Callicoon is at a very average flow; recorded at 1130 cubic feet per second, with the average flow being 1140 over 40 years of record-keeping. Water temperatures have been about perfect over the past week.

Watch for various caddis flies and blue winged olives to hatch, along with Isonychias in the afternoons into evenings.

As the fall foliage begins to color up, your fishing experience will be scenic – and also challenging, with the autumn leaves beginning to fall on the water!