Opening Day of the Trout Fishing Season, April 1, 2016, opened with a bang, not a bust, as on last season's opener, when snow was still knee-deep and waters were high and cold. Several friends reported catching fish; many were good-sized holdovers from last year as most of our local rivers and steams have not yet been stocked. The Beaverkill, Esopus, East Branch Delaware and Neversink all produced good fish. On a visit to Hazel Bridge on the Willowemoc we found the afternoon air temperature had risen to 65 degrees F, with the water temperature a surprisingly warm 50 degrees! Very unusual for Opening Day, when water temps are often in the mid-to-high 30s. As a result, we saw some midges and caddis flies hatching - and trout rising....casting with a size #22 Griffith's Gnat resulted in hooking a trout, briefly....we encountered Mike and Chris, two fishing buddies up from Newburgh - with reports of good fishing; Chris took this nice sized brown on a size #22 midge pupa.