The Beaverkill is easing back down towards a more regular or average flow for this time of year. At this writing, Friday morning, the river is flowing at 403 cubic feet per second, which is still above the average flow for this date of October 26 of  292 cfs over 104 years of record-keeping. The highest recorded flow on this date was 3210 cfs in 2009; the lowest flow recorded on October 26 was just 29.0 cubic feet per second back in 1965. 

    Temperatures ranged from a low of 42.0 degrees this morning to a high of 49.0 degrees last Saturday afternoon.

    Late-season fly hatches are still tiny Blue-Winged Olives and midges (sizes #18 and smaller) Isonychias and various sizes and colors of Caddis flies. Fishing below the surface with nymphs and streamers seems to be effective especially when the water is high and discolored. 

    The East and West Branches of the Delaware are still very high for this time of year - the former at Fishs Eddy coming in at 1420 cfs as compared to the average flow for today’s date of 694 cfs, and the West Branch at Hale Eddy measuring 1640 cubic feet per second as compared to the average of 447.

    Water temperatures for the East Branch were in the 40s all week, with the West Branch a bit warmer, reaching into the 50s for most of the week.