Beautiful autumn days lately - a frosty 24 degrees this morning sent us scurrying to make a fire in the wood stove to warm the house; later the sun came out and it was a bright and beautiful day, with air temps up into the 50s. On a walk with our beagle along the Willowemoc we noticed a trout rising at Hazel Bridge Pool. Although with no real rain to speak of lately, the creek was extremely low - and while we usually enjoy some late-season fishing in November (until about Veteran’s Day) we will forego the prospect of catching a few more trout in such low water conditions in order to give them a break and not cause them any undue stress.

On Monday afternoon, November 7, the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at just 70 cubic feet per second. The average flow for this date over 102 years of record-keeping is 374 cfs! There is no longer any gauging station to check the flows on the Willowemoc, but it too is extremely low. The East Branch Delaware at Fishs Eddy was recorded at 746, cfs, which is just about the average flow of 784 over 61 years of record-keeping. Water temperatures are starting to steadily decrease; they ranged last week from a high of 51 degrees to a low of 41 degrees Fahrenheit just this morning. The West Branch at Hale Eddy has got lots of water pouring down - measuring 841 cubic feet per second, compared to the 52-year average flow of 381 on this date. Water temperatures this past week were also on the decrease, ranging from a high of 54 degrees to a low of 48 degrees Fahrenheit.