It’s definitely getting colder now; 22 degrees this morning just before sunrise when I took our beagle for her morning walk along the river. Heavy frost but bright sun, so nice to see two days in a row after all of the rain and cloudy weather we’ve had. The river was full - we didn’t notice any fish or fly activity, but there have been many Veteran’s Days when we were able to cast to rising fish in the Special Regulations areas and catch a few. 

    This weekend we noticed some trout fishers out on the Willowemoc - and a note of caution - the regular fishing season in New York State is CLOSED until April 1, with the exception of a few Special Regulations stretches and of course the “No-Kill” Catch and Release sections. 

    The Beaverkill, as all our other area streams, is high - registering 1140 cubic feet per second at Cooks Falls as opposed to the average flow on this date of 409 cfs. This is not necessarily a good thing for spawning trout - the brown and brook trout - as the high water can easily dislodge eggs and disrupt spawning beds, or redds as they are known. With more rain forecasted for this week, we just have to hope that the cold weather will temper the amount of rainfall.The maximum flow on this date of November 12 was 4610 cubic feet per second in 1996; the minimum flow was just 47 in 1915.