Once again, recent rains have kept the Beaverkill and other area streams at good levels for fishing heading into the month of June. In addition, the Catskill New York City Reservoir System is currently at about 99% capacity – with Ashokan, Pepacton and Neversink Reservoirs over capacity (spilling.)

Fishing has been productive in the mornings and late afternoons right up until dark. There have been great numbers of tiny flies (midges) as well as Caddises and Blue Winged Olives about during the day. And in keeping with this 2012 fishing season hatches being a few weeks ahead of schedule, Isonychias have been seen - these are the slate-colored mayflies in about size #12 that leave their nymphal shucks on the rocks on shore. In addition, the light-colored Sulphurs are now hatching toward evening.

Green Drakes are reported to be hatching on the main stem Delaware River but not until just before dark. The East and West Branches have had good Sulphur hatches all day long .

In choosing a fly to fish with, try to select one that matches the size, shape and color of flies you may see hatching or on the water. Favorite flies to use include the Dun Variant size #12 when Isonychias are about, Light Cahills especially in the evenings, the Adams in size #14 and #16, Blue Winged Olives and olive-colored flies in sizes #16 and #18, and various sizes of Caddis flies, including the Elk Hair Caddis. Remember to make your casts carefully and delicately in order to ensure success.