This past weekend was a great kick-off to those precious days of summer – after Saturday’s showery (but warm) start, Sunday and Labor Day Monday’s weather was hard to beat! With temperatures in the 70s to 80 degrees, it looks as though we’ve finally shaken off the winter cold.

The trout fishing has picked up, with great fly hatches over the past two weeks, and our rivers and streams are still nicely full from the recent rains.

Most of the great Hendrickson hatch has finished; however, there still may be some residual Hendrickson spinners about. A terrific  hatch of the Shad Fly  followed the Hendricksons, all during the day and into evening.....and the March Browns have begun to emerge this past week. March Browns are large mayflies, about size #10 and #12 and are providing good fishing in the afternoons.