We’ve received some much-welcomed rain showers this past week and our area rivers and streams are in great shape. The Beaverkill is just above the average flow for this time of year, and is at a very good level for fishing.

Hatches that are ongoing include various sizes of Caddis flies, as well as small Blue-Winged Olives during the day, with good numbers seen in the afternoons from about 2:00 – 3:00.  Water temperatures are still cool, and we’ve still seen a few lingering Hendricksons (slate-colored mayflies with a yellow egg sac) in addition to a few Shad flies (caddis fly with a noticeable green egg sac) hatching in the afternoon.

With the continued cool evening temperatures keeping water temperatures low, fishing has been most productive when the sun is on the water, at times spurring on a hatch.

When choosing a fly to fish with, try to match the size, color and shape of the flies you see hatching or on the water; remembering that mayflies have the beautiful upright ‘sail’ shaped wing; caddis flies have wings that are tent-like; and the wings of stoneflies are folded flat along their backs. If you are imitating the size, shape and color of flies that are hatching and are not successful in raising a fish, try the same fly in a smaller size.

Favorite all-purpose flies to use on the Beaverkill include the Adams in sizes #14, #16 and #18; as well as the Elk Hair Caddis in faster water and riffle areas.