Continued heavy rains have raised the level of the Beaverkill again to a record high for this date; all area rivers and streams at this writing (Wednesday morning) are high and discolored due to runoff from the heavy downpours of yesterday. However, the forecast is for clearing weather on Thursday through the weekend, which will enable waters to clear and return to a more fishable level.


Fly hatches of various sizes of caddis have continued, with the sightings of March Browns, the large (size #10) dark mayflies, and Yellow Sallies, the small (Size #16) yellow stoneflies occurring. The best fishing has been occurring in the afternoons through evenings and up until dark.                                                  

When waters are high and discolored, it’s a good time to fish below the surface, using large wet flies. Beadhead and Conehead flies, such as the Woolly Bugger, Black Leech or Muddler Minnows might also produce trout.

When dry-fly fishing the faster water and riffle sections, the Elk Hair Caddis in a size #14 provides good visibility. The Adams in sizes #14, #16 and #18 are Beaverkill favorites – and for better visibility try a Parachute Adams. If no flies are seen hatching or on the water, try an attractor fly, such as a Royal Wulff.