Today's weather forecast calls for temperatures to approach 60 degrees - and it's only the first week of March! This morning we heard, then saw a skein of about 20 geese heading due north - and there were redwinged blackbirds in the trees lining our pasture.

There is still a blanket of snow in the woods thanks to last week's half-dozen inches, but snow on the the south-facing slopes is fast disappearing.

The Beaverkill is flowing at 237 cubic feet per second, which is  well below the average flow on this date of 478 cfs over 96 years of record keeping. The highest flow recorded on March 7 was 4250 cfs  in 1922; the lowest recorded flow on March 7 occurred in 1931, when just 120 cfs trickled past the gauging station.

With air temps at 58.8 it seemed more like April than March. River levels are low for this time of year, but a promising sign was finding  a dark blue stonefly while riding this afternoon. Can rising fish be far behind?