We are slowly but surely moving toward warmer and more spring-like weather, recovering from last Friday’s foot of snow that toppled our 50-year-old willow tree across the driveway and pickup truck…much of the snow is melted and we enjoyed two mornings with temperatures above freezing, yesterday and today.  And talking with a sap-collecting friend this morning I learned that the maple sugaring season is just about ended. Temperatures appear to be favorable, heading into the weekend with a forecast in the 60s tomorrow! Monday’s Trout Season opener looks colder but at least it should be above freezing, in the high 30s.

Driving along the Willowemoc  this afternoon, the rain showers we received raised the level of the water a bit; it was slightly discolored as is typical with “snow water”. 

On Friday evening, March 29, the USGS website showed that the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 865 cubic feet per second, which is below the average flow for this date of 1010 cfs based on 103 years of record-keeping, but was still rising. The minimum flow recorded was 196 cfs in 1981, and the maximum was 8,570 cubic feet per second in 1985. 

Water temperatures this past week were at the freezing point over the weekend, but rose to a high of 42 degrees on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow’s warmer temperatures will bode well for Monday’s early-season fishermen!