This snowstorm this month seem to keep coming…..since March 2, just 2 1/2 weeks ago, we’ve received 43 inches of snow! and yet another storm is headed up the coast between tomorrow night and Wednesday….although thankfully it appears we won’t see much snow here from that storm. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of Spring - with a foot to two feet of hard, crusty snow on the ground and night and mor sign temperatures still in the teens….

It’s also difficult to believe how low our Catskill streams still are, with all the snow that remains. On Monday, March 19, the USGS website showed that the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at just 330 cubic feet per second, which is well below the average flow for this date of 575 cfs based on 103 years of record-keeping, which proves how slowly the snow has been melting. The minimum flow recorded was 88.0 cfs in 1931, and the maximum was 6110 cfs in 1936. 

Water temperatures this past week were at the freezing point on three mornings, and rose to a high of 33.5 degrees on three mornings last week up to a high of 39.5 degrees F last Thursday, Saturday, and this afternoon.

A check of our the NYC Catskill reservoirs on March 19, 2018 showed that the current capacity is 94.1 percent full; the ‘normal’ capacity for March 19 is 90.4% full. In checking the comparison of average precipitation, the amount for January, February and March of this year was 10.15 inches -  higher than the historical average for those months of 7.36 inches of precipitation. 

13 more days till Trout Season opens...