Our rivers and streams are in excellent shape heading into the middle of June, with good numbers of fishermen about this past week and weekend. The Beaverkill, East Branch Delaware and West Branch Delaware River are all just above the average flows recorded on each river. Water temperatures are very favorable, and fly hatches have been keeping the trout and the trout fishers well occupied.       

Sulphurs are making their appearances, as have light colored caddis flies. Green Drakes were not as heavy as in the past, but are still being seen. March Browns have about ended, with Gray Foxes still hatching especially on the upper reaches along with Blue Winged Olives and some Yellow Sallies (stoneflies). 

Mid-mornings up until early evenings seem to be the best time for productive reservoir fishing over the past week, and the trout are still congregating relatively close to shore still near the surface, from zero to 20 feet down. We've been fishing from our boat using a streamer trailing behind as we troll.

Bald eagles are becoming quite the tourist attraction near Al’s Sports Store in Downsville; Al reported seeing from 15 – 20 of the huge birds on a regular basis just below the dam, and said that a NYC DEP worker reported counting as many as 33 eagles in a single day between the bridge and the spillway! A great photo op to see our National Bird up close and ‘in the wild.’