The recent rains and cooler temperatures we’ve had since last weekend have really improved the fishing conditions. A large variety of flies are hatching now; fishing remains best during the morning and evening hours, with the bulk of the hatches appearing later in the day. March Browns may still be seen during the afternoon. March Browns are large (size #10 and #12) mayflies whose tan color with mottled dark brown wings are easy to see. Good flies to use during this hatch are the March Brown, the Adams, or the Able Mabel in those larger sizes. Grey Foxes are still around as well; these look similar to March Browns but are smaller in size.

    Various  sizes and colors of Caddis flies have been hatching beginning in the mornings, along with Blue-Winged Olives; watch for Isonychias later in the day. These are the slate-colored mayflies whose nymphal 'shucks' can be seen on the rocks along the stream. Isonychia hatches, especially in the evenings, have encouraged rising trout and provided excellent fishing.

As we head into summer, flies will become lighter in color; good choices of flies include Sulphurs, which are prolific during this time of year, and Light Cahills, in addition to smaller sizes of the Adams (#16 and #18) and Elk Hair Caddis.