The recent rains we’ve had have helped keep our rivers and streams at a more fishable level than they had been over the past few dry weeks. Reservoir fishing has been very good as well, and a report from Al Carpenter of Al’s Sports Store, Downsville, of a couple of “nine-pounders” coming in over the weekend was encouraging.

            The May Trout Derby, sponsored by Al’s Sports Store, had 58 entrants and produced three winners with fish all in the seven-pound range:

            First prize was won by Andy Sliezwicz, up from New Jersey, for his seven and one-half pound brown trout.  Second prize was taken by Dan Smith, of Walton, for his seven-pound brown trout that measured 24 ½ inches in length. And third prize was won by Dennis Ziober who also managed a seven-pound brown that measured 23 inches in length. All of the prize-winning fish were caught on sawbellies.

            Al is sponsoring the Trout Derby each month throughout the fishing season, and entries in the June Derby have already surpassed the nine-pound size range! Currently leading the June Derby is Art Perry, from Kingston, with a beautiful nine-pound, 13-ounce brown that measured 27 inches in length. And currently in second place is Dave Ogden, from downstate New York, with a nine-and-one-half pound brown trout that measured just 26 ½ inches in length, a fine fat fish.  “Stevie-O”,  from Highmount, rounds out the top three catches so far this month with his nine-pound, two-ounce brown that measured 26 ¾ inches in length. Interestingly, all three fish were also taken on sawbellies.

            Other great catches over the past week include Stanley Mack, a Pennsylvania fisherman, who bagged an eight-and-one-quarter pound brown, and Dewie Ribustello, from downstate New York also managed a nice brown that weighted well over eight pounds – Dewie’s fish was eight pounds, 11 ounces.

            A nice rainbow trout surprised Alan Lamotta, who was up from New Jersey. His rainbow weighed five pounds, thirteen ounces and was taken on a sawbelly.

            A number of browns were taken this past week in the six to seven-pound range; Art Perry, Jr., of Kingston, managed a fat seven-pound, 13-ouncer that measured just 24 ¾ inches. And Billy Vitarious caught a six-pound, 7-ounce brown that measured just 22 ¼ inches – reservoir anglers have noted that their fish are “gorged, and loaded with bait.” Good numbers of trout are being seen up near the surface; and many have been taken from 15 – 30 feet from the surface closer to the dam; with fish being found in a little more depth, 35 feet, up near the bridge.

            In addition to fine fat fish, some reservoir fishermen have been catching great numbers of trout – Tom Adams, from Verplanck, managed a nice seven and three-quarter brown that measure 24 ½ inches, the largest of 16 trout caught that day! And Pat Puluse, from New Jersey, managed a nice seven-pound, seven-ouncer that was one of nine good-sized browns caught in one outing.

        Don’t forget that Candy and Eddie Chin at the Tremperskill Country Store also sponsors a trout contest each month, and their June Pool is in full swing. Next week we’ll report on the results of last month’s contest.