June 3, 2017

An early morning walk with Tessie before sunrise, about 5:45 am, proved fruitful - as we entered a grassy trail just above the Willowemoc we saw a deer cross and stand watching us as we approached….we drew nearer, walking on the left track of the trail and as we continued on, I saw a tiny newborn fawn lying in the right track of the trail, not 3 feet away! If ever there was proof that ‘a fawn’s only defense is that it is born odorless’ it was in this instance, as Tessie’s beagle nose failed to pick up any scent as we passed within just a few feet of the tiny creature! Its eyes were wide as it lay motionless, and we hurried past so as not to disturb the site. Fortunately the doe returned and moved the fawn to a less-exposed place.


We did see a few tiny rises that morning.

Later in the day, a chance meeting with a fly fisherman at Cooks Falls revealed that some Green Drakes were hatching on Friday evening, followed by a good caddis hatch. We had successful fishing Friday evening using a size #14 Elk Hair Caddis.