Recent rain showers have added volume to the Beaverkill and other area streams, which is good news for trout and trout fishers heading into the month of June.  In addition, the New York City Catskill Reservoir System is currently at 99.1% capacity – with several reservoirs (Pepacton, Cannonsville and Neversink Reservoirs) spilling. After a very warm weekend, temperatures plummeted back down to the 40s on Monday evening and so water temperatures remain optimum for  trout and  trout fishers.

Fishing has been productive all during the day; with Caddis and Blue-Winged Olives hatching in the mornings, and good hatches of Gray Foxes in the afternoons along with some remaining March Browns. Green Drakes have been hatching on the lower Beaverkill and East and West Branches of the Delaware and will continue on the Willowemoc and upper river. In addition, Sulphurs have made their appearance, so fly-fishers can anticipate a hatch pretty much at any time during  the day or evening. 

In choosing a fly to fish with, try to select one that matches the size, shape and color of flies you may see hatching or on the water. Favorite flies to use on the upper Beaverkill (in addition to those that may be observed hatching) include the Elk Hair Caddis, especially in fast or high water; the Adams; and various sizes of Caddis flies.  For dark or discolored water, especially after a rainshower, a Black Leech might be effective. And if no flies are observed, try an attractor fly, such as the Royal Wulff, a Beaverkill favorite.