Free fishing this weekend! The NYS Department of Environmental Conservations announces that the last weekend in June, (June 29 – 30, 2013) will be a “free fishing weekend” – meaning that anyone can fish the fresh or marine waters of New York State with no fishing license required! This is a great opportunity for those who have never fished before – whether youngsters or adults; or those who haven’t fished in a while. It’s a great opportunity to take along a friend, spouse or ‘significant other’ who might like to try their hand at fishing. Or better yet, take a child – or even the whole family!

Heavy rain showers all during the night last night have raised the Beaverkill to about 950 cubic feet per second. At this writing, 10:15 Friday morning, the river has crested and is lowering to about 894 cfs. However, we are due for more showers this afternoon and heading into the weekend, so area rivers and streams will be full.

Fly hatches for this time of year continue to be various sizes of caddis flies, Blue-Winged Olives, Isonychias in the afternoons, and Light Cahills toward evening. However, when waters are high and discolored, using a large streamer, such as a Black Leech or Muddler Minnow may be effective in attracting trout.

Pepacton Reservoir is still fishing well, with a lot of fishermen reporting good sized brown trout. The trout seem to be moving down a bit, with some still up near the surface in the early morning, then progressing down between about 15 and 18 feet - and then many from 25 to 28 feet. The fish are spread out in about 30-foot range but the majority are within about a ten-foot range, from 15 – 25 feet of water. We found surface water temperature at 72 degrees F yesterday morning, and at the bottom of a 40-foot section of water, a reading of 57 degrees F.