The Beaverkill is at a good level heading into the end of June. Fishing has been most productive during the mornings and evenings, right up until dark.

Various  sizes and colors of Caddis flies have been hatching during the day; watch for Isonychias later in the day. These are the slate-colored mayflies whose nymphal ‘shucks’ can be seen on the rocks along the stream. As we head into summer, flies will become lighter in color, such as the Sulphurs, which are prolific during this time of year, and Light Cahills.

It’s also a good time of year to try out the tiny flies, sizes #18, #20 and so on. Be sure to tie on smaller tippet to your leader to match the sizes of flies you’re using – go from 5X to 6X for sizes #18 and #20, even 7X for smaller flies. 

A quiet approach is always best; make your first cast carefully and quietly and expect a strike – and continue to do so each time you cast your fly.