Another wonderful spring weekend has come to the Catskills. Our mornings are still quite chilly, hovering around the low 40s, but with air temperatures reaching into the upper 70s to 80 degrees in the afternoon and sunny conditions, it bodes well for water temperatures to warm slowly. At the end of last week we fished the Beaverkill in the evening after an early supper; the river recorded at 57 degrees F. We found sporadic rises and some flies but not really a major hatch - and managed to have great fishing using an Adams in sizes #12 and #14 - after about an hour and a half's fishing, managed to catch and release 10 trout, largest of which measured a full 18 inches....a muscular wild brown that was on for a very long time but swam briskly away upon its release.

March Browns have been consistent in the afternoons, beginning at about 2:00 pm, and over the weekend have been mixed with the smaller but similar Gray Foxes, various caddis flies and small Blue-Winged Olives. It is time for the Green Drakes to make their appearance, but as of this writing (Monday morning) we have not yet seen these much-anticipated flies.

The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 272 cubic feet per second as of Monday afternoon. This is below the average flow of 368 cfs based on 100 years of record-keeping; the water temperature is a nice cool 57 degrees. The East Branch at Fishs Eddy was flowing at 585 cubic feet per second, which is also below the average flow of  648 cfs on this date based on  59 years of record-keeping; its water temperature was about 56 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday morning.