This week’s considerable rain showers have kept the Beaverkill at a higher-than-average flow during this mid-June period, and provides a good boost to water levels for the rest of the month.


This is the time of year that fly fishermen can look forward to a whole spate of sizes and colors of flies; hatches can occur all during the day. Watch for dark caddis flies, along with Yellow Sallies (Stoneflies), Grey Foxes and Isonychias (slate-colored mayflies.) Later in the evening you may see light-colored small Sulphurs in sizes #16 and #18.


In addition, Blue-Winged Olives and assorted sizes and colors of caddis flies will be making their appearance throughout the day.


The best fishing during this time of the season is from late afternoon up until dark. Cloudy days generally provide better fishing than bright sunny days; however when no fish are seen rising and water levels are good, try your hand at fishing below the surface with streamers. The Black Leech is a favorite, as is the Black Ghost streamer; any of the conehead or beadhead nymphs can also produce fish.