Friday evening as we were on our way home from dinner in Callicoon, about 8:15 pm, we began to notice flies hitting our windshield. The hatch started as we drove along the North Branch Callicoon Creek, but continued to intensify long after the road left the river! And it became pretty apparent that what we were witnessing was the ‘missing’ Shad Fly hatch - by the proliferation of green egg sacs that were stuck on the truck! Generally this hatch occurs during the first week in May when the Shad run up the Delaware, thus the name “Shad Fly”. It is actually a caddis fly hatch and it one of the most prolific hatches to occur. By the time we arrived home we could hardly see out the windshield; there were literally thousands of Shad flies (along with a few Yellow Stoneflies) plastered on the front of the truck and windshield, and they were so thick that it took several minutes with a power washer to remove them!