The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was reported as flowing at 237 cubic feet per second at 9:00 on Tuesday morning. This is above the average flow of 159 cvs over 102 years of record-keeping. The East Branch of the Delaware River at Fishs Eddy is flowing at 506 cubic feet per second as compared to the average flow of 376 cfs over 61 years of record-keeping; and the West Branch Delaware is right about at the average flow - 580 cubic feet per second over 52 years of keeping records. 

Fishing should be best in the mornings and evenings on the Beaverkill and Willowemoc; on the West and East Branches the afternoons also fish well, thanks to the cold water releases. Morning hatches tend to be smaller Blue Winged Olives and tiny midges, and watch for Trichos as well. (Don’t forget to tippet down to 6X and 7X when fishing midges and any flies in sizes #18, #20 and smaller.) Later in the day you may see a few residual Isonychias, as well as the lighter-colored Sulphurs.


When no flies are hatching, try fishing below the surface with a streamer or nymph.