The pouring rain that we had on Friday and Saturday provided some much-needed water for area rivers and streams; the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls had been recorded as flowing at just 95 cubic feet per second last week and the trout fishing was marginal. However, by Saturday afternoon, we found that old adage of "fishing is good in a rising river" to be true - the river was rising but not really discolored, and a few fish were rising as well ....resulting in success of catching a couple of nice brown trout in the late afternoon in-between showers and thunderstorms. 

Returning on Sunday early afternoon found the river a bit murky and discolored. No hatching flies were observed, nor were fish rising; and so it was decided to fish below the surface - the fly of choice used was a Black Leech streamer, which is easier to see in  dark water. The trout were still feeding, and in less than an hour's fishing four nice brown trout were caught.

Another angler reported great success fishing on Sunday evening around 7:30 pm - and managed to catch 9 trout fishing with an Adams - he remarked that it was one of those nights where he could have thrown a cotton ball and the trout would have gone for it!