Recent rains have filled the reservoirs and kept our rivers and streams filled heading into the summer months. Pepacton is recorded at 100.9% capacity; the other NYC reservoirs are between 98 – 99% filled, with Cannonsville the lowest, at 91% capacity. 

Once water levels drop a bit, fly fishers can look forward to good morning and evening fishing; water temperatures have been surprisingly good heading into July. Expect to find hatches of various Caddis flies, Blue-Winged Olives beginning in the mornings, with after hatches of Isonychias and  Sulphurs and Light Cahills later in the day.

Pepacton Reservoir News:

Al Carpenter, of Al’s Sports Store, Downsville reported that Pepacton reservoir is still providing good fishing; most trout had been found from 20 – 25 feet down but with the recent rains more trout are congregating a bit lower, from 30 – 35 feet, from 5-7 colors for those who fish lead core lines. One reservoir angler used his fish finder and reported good numbers of trout ‘stacked up’ by the dam. Good numbers of five-to-seven pound browns are being caught on a regular basis. The fishing as of the past week or so has been better at mid-day than early morning or later in the afternoon/evenings. The best-selling “hot” lure of the week seems to be a “blue glow alewife” – which is a blue Michigan Stinger with a white glow-in-the-dark white strip that provides good visibility during early mornings and evenings, as well as in discolored or dark water.