Happy New Year!  

January 4, 2015

A report for the New Year from trout country starts with the encouraging news that on this date, January 4, 2015, the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls is recorded as flowing at 1,040 cubic feet per second – which is well above the average flow of 367 cfs for this date based on 99 years of record-keeping. The water flows in the Beaverkill over the past week have been well above average, thankfully, as we recover from a droughty beginning to winter. The highest flow recorded on this date was 2350 cfs recorded in 1960; the lowest recorded flow on January 4 occurred one hundred years ago, way back in 1915 when records were just beginning to be taken - with a paltry 84 cubic feet per second trickling past the gauging station.

The East Branch Delaware at Fishs Eddy is also flowing above the average flow – recorded at 1,630 cubic feet per second on Sunday afternoon, as compared to the average flow of 640 cfs based on 59 years of record-keeping on that river. The highest flow recorded, also in 1960, was 4,460 cfs, with the lowest flow recorded over the past 59 years occurring in 1961, when 230 cfs flowed past the gauge.

Despite the increased flows in the rivers, our NYC reservoir system is below what the average capacity should be – as of January 2, 2015, the total reservoir system capacity was just 77.2% capacity; whereas the ‘normal’ capacity for January has been 86.6% full. A look at the average amount of precipitation over the past two months reveals part of the reason – for the month of December, the average (historic) precipitation  has been 3.47 inches; however in December of 2014, we only received  2.86 inches.  A similar situation occurred in November – the historical average precipitation for that month has been 3.81 inches, whereas we only received 2.52 inches in November of 2014.


Our area of the Catskill Mountains did not enjoy a white Christmas this year; however the colder evening temperatures kept things frozen up enough to provide good ice skating and the chance to get out and do some winter hiking. Hopefully we will still have good ice for the annual Livingston Manor Ice Carnival scheduled for later this month.

Hope to have an ice fishing report before long….