New Year’s Eve brought strong rain and warm temperatures raising the level of the Beaverkill to more than four times the average flow…early on New Year’s Day, the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls crested at about 1950 cubic feet per second - which is well above the average flow on this date of 350 cfs. The maximum flow recorded on New Year’s Day over the past 103 years of record was 5,780 in 1973; the minimum flow was just 83 cubic feet per second way back in 1915.

    Water temperatures ranged from a low of 33.6 last Wednesday morning to a high of 38.5 degrees Fahrenheigh on New Year’s afternoon.

    The East and West Branches of the Delaware are also higher than normal; with the East Branch at Fishs Eddy registering 3790 cubic feet per second (compared to the average flow of 753 cfs over 64 years of record-keeping. The West Branch at Hale Eddy was recorded at 2120 cubic feet per second as compared to the average flow of 359 cfs over 54 years of record-keeping.