It was another rainy weekend here in the Catskills, after an incredibly warm Wednesday with temperatures up to 68 on our back porch, and 73 degrees reported in Monticello! About the only snow left on the ground is the ‘plow snow’ along roads and driveways. We’re expecting another mild week in the 40s with some rain and possible snow coming at the end of the week. On Monday morning, February 26, the USGS website showed that the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 2380 cubic feet per second, which is above the average flow for this date of  was 320 cfs based on 103 years of record-keeping. The minimum flow recorded was 85.0 cfs  back in 1920, and the maximum was 6510 cfs in 1968. 

Water temperatures this past week ranged from a flat 32 degrees F last Monday  to a high of 41.5 degrees F last Wednesday.

Both the Willowemoc and Beaverkill were roily and the color of cafe au lait over the weekend and this morning. With sunny skies and light winds predicted for tomorrow some of the runoff will be diminished….and there are only 34 days left till the Opening Day of the Trout Fishing Season!