We received about 4 inches of new snow on Saturday; snowfall is still on the ground but with rain predicted for later this afternoon and a week of warmer temperatures, it won’t last for long. On Monday morning, February 19, the USGS website showed that the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 723 cubic feet per second. The average flow for this date of February 19 was 280 cfs based on 103 years of record-keeping. The minimum flow recorded was 75.0 cfs  way back in 1917, and the maximum was 2690 cfs in 2008. 

Water temperatures this past week ranged from a flat 32 degrees F on four days this past week  to a high of 37.5 degrees F last Thursday.

Despite the cold temperatures and ice in the river, we spotted a fly-fisherman trying his luck on the No-Kill Catch and Release area of the Willowemoc late last week!