The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are a bit low as is to be expected heading in July, but recent cool evenings have kept water temperatures favorable for trout fishing. The best times to fish will be in the mornings and late afternoon/evenings up until dark.

Hatches during the end of June and first half of July will continue to include Blue-Winged Olives, caddis flies in various colors and sizes and a few remaining Isonychias – the slate-colored mayflies that are about a size #12. Toward evening you will begin to see Sulphurs and Light Cahills; as the summer progresses more of these light-colored mayflies will appear.

If you are not successful with a particular dry fly, drop down a size. Remember to use a smaller tippet with smaller flies – size 5X for fly sizes #14 and #16; size 6X for flies that are sizes #18 and #20, and 7X for midges and flies smaller than #20.

A good attractor fly is the Royal Wulff in size #14 or #16, or an Elk Hair Caddis in the same sizes. Both flies fish well in faster water, as they are buoyant and their light colored wings make the fly easy to see. In addition, good success has been had lately using small midges in sizes #20 and #22.