We’ve recently returned from a much-appreciated (though impromptu) vacation for some warm sun, sand and ocean beach in Florida. It’s amazing how quickly the body adjusts to warm temperatures, but how slowly it acclimates to below-freezing temperatures again!

The end of February brought water levels down to a relatively normal level, with the Beaverkill flowing just above or just below the average flow for several days. However, despite a fairly significant snowfall of about 6 inches on March 3, water levels on the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls declined to below average and have remained there, taking a nosedive on March 5 to 200 cubic feet per second, as compared to the average flow on that date of 450 cfs based on 103 years of record-keeping. The lowest recorded flow on March 5 was 90 cubic feet per second in 1980; the highest flow recorded on this date was 6490 cfs in 2008 . And interestingly, although water temperatures have hovered around freezing or slightly above, they reached 36.5 degrees on Sunday afternoon, March 3, during the snowstorm. Hopefully waters will continue to warm over the next few weeks…..Ed's been tying flies each day since our return, and there are only 26 days left till Opening Day of the Trout Season!!