The past two days have brought early spring-like weather – with sunny skies and temperatures on Tuesday reaching a record-breaking 72 degrees – and today’s temperatures up to 60 degrees.  More geese have been seen flying north; more snowdrops blooming, robins and common mergansers are back. The beautiful warm weather caused more than a couple of anxious anglers to try their luck on the Catch-and-Release sections of the Beaverkill and Willowemoc, where reports of dark stoneflies and caddis have been hatching.

Yesterday’s warm weather no doubt melted much of the remaining snow up on the north-facing slopes and in the higher elevations; coupled with some evening showers, it brought some much-welcomed water into our rivers and streams.

The Beaverkill is currently  flowing at 1030 cubic feet per second; the average flow on this date is 602 cfs based on 96 years of record-keeping. The highest flow recorded on March 14 was 14,100 in 1977; the lowest recorded flow was just 70 cfs back in 1931.