As we head into the last week of the regular trout fishing season, our area rivers and streams are a bit low, but with cool temperatures favorable for trout. The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was registered as flowing at 116 cubic feet per second, which is below the average flow on this date of 175 cfs over 101 years of record-keeping.


            Flies that should be hatching during this end-of-season period of early October will be small Blue Winged Olives and various sizes of Caddis flies.  Watch for Isonychias, the slate-colored mayflies, to be hatching in the afternoons.


This is a great time of year to use colorful streamers, which mimic small young-of-the year trout – old-time Beaverkill favorites include the Mickey Finn and Black Ghost.  A rising river is the best time to try for large hungry trout – and if the river is discolored you might try a large dark streamer, such as a Black Leech, which should be visible in darker water.