Thanks to recent rain showers, our area streams have received some much-needed rainfall, and water levels are more favorable.  In addition, the cooler evenings have helped to keep water temperatures nice and cool  for the trout, heading into this last week of the regular trout fishing season, which ends October 15.

Reports are still coming in of good hatches of dark caddis flies and a few Isonychias (mayflies) during the afternoon and into the early evening. Once we receive a frost, Blue Winged Olives should make their appearance in better numbers.

In addition to the old favorites of Adams  and Elk Hair Caddis in sizes #14 and #16, Autumn is a good time to fish with terrestrials such as ants, beetles and hoppers, as well as caddis flies and Isoychia imitations. However, late-season trout fishers may find that streamers, such as the Black Ghost, Mickey Finn, Black Leech and Muddler Minnow might be effective, especially with the young-of-the-year fingerlings now present in the riffle areas. Other flies used during fall fishing include Beadhead nymphs, a Black Leech or Woolly Bugger.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to purchase a new fishing license, as the license year began on October 1, and will run through September 30 of 2014.