The Beaverkill is slightly above the 98-year average flow for this date in August – last weekend’s strong rain showers have added some much-needed water to our rivers and streams. Cooler evening temperatures this week have kept water temperatures at a favorable level. As is typical for the month of August, the best times for fishing will be during the early mornings and evenings, up until dark. On bright sunny days, look for shaded areas in which to cast your fly. The deeper runs, especially along laid-up stonewalls or overhanging logs, seem to provide best opportunities for trout activity.

Typical hatches in August continue to be Tricos (size #18 or smaller) in the mornings; as well as caddis flies in various sizes and colors, and Blue Winged Olives. In the afternoons and into the evenings watch for Isonychias – the slate-colored mayflies – in addition to the lighter -colored Sulphurs and Light Cahills toward evening.

Terrestrial (ants, beetles, hoppers and inchworm imitations) continue to be a favorite choice in August, especially after a rain shower, and in areas where logs or branches hang over the stream.

Enter the water quietly and make your casts carefully, as presentation is very important, especially in lower flows of summer. Your fishing success can be improved if you expect the trout to take your fly each and every time.