Recent rainshowers have kept the Beaverkill and Willowemoc at just above average typical August low flow. On the upper rivers, water temperatures have remained favorable for the trout thanks to cooler evening temperatures. As cooler temperatures are important for trout survival, the best times for fishing will be during the early mornings and evenings, right up until dark. Overcast or cloudy days seem to provide better fishing; however when fishing on a bright sunny day, look for shaded areas in which to cast your fly. The deeper runs, especially along laid-up stone walls or overhanging logs, seem to provide best opportunities for trout activity.

            August is typically the time of year to use terrestrials, such as ants, beetles, hoppers and inchworm imitations. Terrestrials work especially well after a rainshower, in areas where logs or branches hang over the stream.

            Tricos (size #18 or smaller) are still hatching in the mornings. Look for various caddis flies or Blue Winged Olives as well; with some Isonychia activity in the afternoons and the lighter colored mayflies (Sulphurs and Light Cahills) toward evening.

Remember to drop down in tippet size with smaller flies; use 5X for sizes #14 and #16; 6X for #16 and #18, and 7X for midges or flies in the size #20s.