Thanks to the consistent rainfall, our Catskill rivers and streams are now at a May level - perfect for fishing, with water temperatures back down in the low 60s. We fished in the evening tonight and saw some rises - not too many flies but with the water temperature at a favorable 64 degrees and air temperature about 70 degrees F, the fish were cooperative and we each managed to catch nice trout - mine a rainbow of 15 inches, Ed’s a brown of the same size. The rainbow put on quite a show, leaping out of the water and enjoying some good long runs before it was netted. We had started fishing with a CDC Elk Hair Caddis fly of size #14, but I switched to a Black Leech as the water was still dark and a bit discolored, and about as high as I am used to fishing this particular pool in early spring. Ed was using a regular Elk Hair Caddis for his successful fishing.