The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 1120 cubic feet per second, well above the average flow on this date of 139 cfs over 105 years of recordkeeping. Steady rain showers (we seem to be back in the mode of daily showers) have pushed water levels up again and the scoured “white water” from the beginning go the week has returned to dark turbulent water thanks to the rain. Water temperatures this week have fluctuated from a low of 62 to a high of 68; thankfully the added flow has prevented the warm sun from warming water temps too much. 

The East Branch Delaware at Fishs Eddy  is flowing  at 1750 cubic feet per second, above the average flow 390 cfs over 63 years of record-keeping; and the West Branch at Hale Eddy registered 704 cubic feet per second, above the 54-year-record of 582 cfs.  Water temperatures on the West Branch ranged from 48 - 64 degrees Fahrenheit this past week; on the East Branch from a low of 63 degrees to a high of 69 degrees F over the past week.