The rains we’ve had last week have raised water levels from below average back on August 10 to well above average as of August 16. And with a 50% chance of heavy rains predicted for today and more showers this week, it looks as though we’ll have plenty of water in our rivers and streams to carry us through the month of August.

    And with reports last week of poor fishing and low water, even on the West Branch Delaware, it seemed timely to check the river flows:

    The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was recorded as flowing at 611 cubic feet per second, which is well above the average flow of 119 cfs over 103 years of record-keeping. The East Branch Delaware River was also high on Tuesday morning, recorded at 1080 cubic feet per second, as compared to the average flow of 350 over 61 years of record-keeping. 

    However, the high water did not do much to help water temperatures on the East Branch; over the past week, temperatures at Fishs Eddy ranged from 67 to 76 degrees; today, August 16, the morning temperature was a cooler 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The West Branch Delaware had spiked to about 1250 cfs on Friday night, but by Tuesday morning was flowing at 664 cubic feet per second, which is just above the 52-year average flow on this date of 639 cfs. Water temperatures this past week on the West Branch have been cool and comfortable, ranging from a low of 48 August 10 to a high of 63 degrees Fahrenheit and it looks like the best place to fish for trout in cool water, at least for this coming week.