A check of the USGS website showed that the Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing 254 cubic feet per second, which is above the average level for August 14 of 117 cfs over 103 years of record-keeping - an indication of with all the rain we received yesterday and over the past few days. It seems as though we are barely able to escape a rain shower on any day or night over these past several weeks of summer. The minimum flow recorded was 36 cubic feet per second back in 1964, and the maximum flow recorded on August 14 was 1080 cfs in 1938. 

Cooler evening temperatures coupled with the rain showers have resulted in some good fishing on the Beaverkill over the weekend. Flies were hatching and trout were rising on Saturday morning. Small Blue-winged Olives and caddis flies can be seen; watch for the Trichos in the mornings as are typically around in the month August and Sulphurs later on in the day. Terrestrials continue to be productive especially under overhanging tree branches and logs along the stream bank.