Today we drove along a number of rivers and streams, from Deckertown west toward Binghamton. Despite a balmy and pleasant early April day, overcast turning sunny with temperatures that reached 60 degrees, we didn't see a single fisherman save for 2 drift boats in the West Branch Delaware near Deposit. The water was up in the grass - and only one car was noticed in the Barking Dog Pool fisherman's parking lot, with a trailer behind (probably another drift boat fisherman.) No one was in the water, as all streams and rivers were running about bank-high and discolored, from the Willowemoc to the Beaverkill, the East Branch Delaware, West Branch Delaware, the Susquehannah and Chenango Rivers. 

The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 2620 cubic feet per second, which is above the average flow of 1160 cfs over 102 years of record-keeping. The lowest flow record on on this date (April 5) was 208 cfs in 1915;  and the highest recorded flow on April 5 occurred in 1987 with 8050 cubic feet per second flowing past the gauging station. With 100% chance of rain tomorrow into Friday, we are anticipating a flood watch and any productive fishing will no doubt be delayed until early next week.