Recent rains have brought some much-needed water to our rivers and streams; as there was a lack of significant snow in the woods and mountaintops that would normally have provided runoff in the early spring. Winter seems to be hanging on, as evidenced by the continued chilly temperatures we’ve had, especially at night. Many of us are still burning wood and reluctant to put our woolens away for the season.

  The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was flowing at 1010 cubic feet per second on Tuesday morning. This is above the average flow on this date of 785 cfs over 99 years of record-keeping.  The highest flow recorded on April 23 was 3440 cubic feet per second in 1969; the lowest flow on April 23 was 218 cfs, and was recorded just one year earlier, in 1968.

Fly hatches have been slow to start in any great numbers, as water temperatures are still down in the low 40s; however some caddis, Blue Quills and some Hendricksons are starting to emerge. Hendricksons have been reported on the main Delaware - it won't be long before they move up through the East Branch to the Beaverkill and Willowemoc.