Fishing Report

April 22, 2015


    As of this writing, April 22, 2015, the Beaverkill has receded from more than double the normal flow on Monday - 2100 cubic feet per second - to a reading of 1,370 cubic feet per second. This is still high, as compared to the average flow on this date of 824 cubic feet per second; hopefully by the weekend the waters will recede to a more fishable level, as much of the snowpack has now melted...but due to the severity of the winter and the amount of snow left on the mountainsides, fishing conditions will likely be set behind a couple of weeks. The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are still high; wading should be done with extra care. The East Branch Delaware River at Fishs Eddy is also quite high, registering 2,630 cubic feet per second as compared to the normal flow on this date of 1500 cfs.

            Blue Quills and Stoneflies are making their appearance, which coincide with the earliest spring flowers. Our Snowdrops and crocuses are up, with the daffodils not far behind, and the buds are swelling on the lilac bushes and red maples. We haven’t yet seen the Quill Gordons coming off; as water temperatures need to be nearer that magic number of 50 degrees…..but warm sunny conditions on the water may spur on some tiny dipteras to hatch; use tiny flies and 6X - or try your luck with large streamers such as the Black Leech or large Coneheads.


by Judy Van Put