Easter weekend brought beautiful sunny weather to the Catskills. Streams and rivers are still high and cold, due to continuing snow runoff from the higher elevations. However, the reservoirs are now open to boat fishing, as the ice has finally melted.

Despite chilly water conditions, trout fishers have reported some success, including a couple of nice trout that measured 15 inches and 13 inches taking while fishing the West Branch of the Delaware.

And while fishing a small brook on Opening Day, an Andes trout fisher managed to 'catch his limit' in just 10 minutes. He reported that all of the trout he caught were fat, with their bellies filled with caddis flies. He returned to the stream for another successful outing about a week later; fishing at night he caught five nice brookies.  

The Beaverkill at Cooks Falls was recorded as flowing at 836 cubic feet per second on April 22. This is just about the average flow for this date based on 100 years of record-keeping. The lowest flow recorded on April 22 was 225 cfs in 1968; the highest recorded flow over the century was 2910 cfs back in 1972.

On the East Branch of the Delaware at Fishs Eddy, the flow on April 22 was recorded at 2340 cubic feet per second based on 59 years of record-keeping. This is significantly higher than average flow on this date was 1490 cfs. The highest flow recorded over that time period was 9060 cfs in that same year of high flows, 1972; lowest flow recorded was in 2012 when just 373 cubic feet per second flowed past the gauge.

Fishing on Pepacton Reservoir has been “pretty good this past week.” Most successful fishermen had been using lures; Al's Sports Store, Downsville, has just gotten in the first sawbellies of the season, a bit early this year.