Fishing Report

April 17, 2013

By Judy Van Put


The Beaverkill is at an excellent flow at this writing, just under the average flow for this date based on 99 years of record-keeping. Rain showers over the past few days have added some much-needed water to the river, although water temperatures are still chilly, in the low 40s.


There have been a few reports of early-season stoneflies and dark caddis flies hatching – mainly on sunny afternoons and where the sun is on the water. As water temperatures begin to warm and reach that ‘magic number’ of 50 degrees F, hatches will start with more regularity.


It’s about the time for Blue Quills to emerge; these small dark flies have been noticed on the Delaware and East Branch Delaware and will soon be making their way up to the Beaverkill.

Fishing below the surface is still the most productive for this cool weather; using weighted nymphs (such as the Zug Bug) in combination with wet flies (like the Blue Quill) remains an early-season favorite. Royal Coachman wet flies and Hendrickson nymphs might also entice mid-April trout, as can a large streamer.