It's been an interesting week of fishing, and exciting to have experienced a heavy Shad Fly hatch on April 15, then find a Hendrickson hatch the day after.... When we arrived at our destination at about 1:45 pm, the air temperature was 81 degrees - and water temperature was 57. A nesting goose on the edge of the bank watched us pass by, as her mate flew at us a couple of times to try and scare us away . We saw violets and trout lilies blooming - another sign that Mother Nature is early this year. 

The river was low and all the trout seemed to be located in the pools. We were grateful that the stream hadn't been stocked yet - as it would be difficult for buckets of fish to find a safe place in which to abide. Hendricksons were hatching but not in the 'snowstorm' abundance they are known for. A  few fish were rising that took our offerings of Adams flies in sizes #14 and #16; the brown trout we caught were strong and in good condition.