After a spate of beautifully warm and sunny spring-like weather over the weekend, more fishermen were out and having some success. However, Tuesday’s storms have reminded us that we are still not out of reach of chilly weather!

Not many flies hatching yet to note; waters are still a bit high although trout fishers have had some success fishing the smaller streams and tributaries. 

Al Carpenter, of Al’s Sports Store, Downsville, reported that over the weekend the trout fishing in Pepacton Reservoir was fairly busy. A patron traveling down from Margaretville reported that the reservoir was ice-free as far as he could see; hopefully the NYC DEP will open the reservoir to boating by this weekend.

Most successful reservior anglers this week have been catching their fish on Krocodile and Kastmaster lures; although a few were reporting good success with small shiners. One reservoir fisherman mentioned that the trout are gorging themselves on very small, one-to-two inch shiners. Fishing has been most productive in the afternoons after the sun had warmed the water; waters temps were still just 41 degrees over the weekend.