Saturday April 14, 2012 – another noteworthy event of this crazy 2012 fishing season - yesterday we traveled to the lower Beaverkill and found a tremendous Shad Fly hatch - a good three weeks early. The river was quite low for this time of year, as was the Willowemoc and others streams - we are desperately in need of good soaking rain. The water temperature was 53 degrees at about 3:30 pm - we saw a few sporadic rises but the trout were tough to catch. Often during a good strong shad fly hatch the trout will gorge themselves and become picky and selective to imitations. 


The Shad Fly is actually a caddis fly with a notable green egg sac, and is so named as it makes its appearance at about the time that the Shad run up the Delaware, usually during the first week of June. The Shadbush (also called June Berry or Service Berry) blooms at this same time, and sure enough, we saw shadbush blooming as we drove along the river – also three weeks early.